The Instructors:

Andy Noble

In 2008 Andy formed Natures Craft after spending much of his life fascinated by the outdoors and nature.

From a very young age, through his parents and then Scouting, Andy spent a lot of his time in the countryside, farmland and woodlands around Hampshire building dens, lighting fires and learning about our trees, plants and wildlife.  This early grounding in the outdoors and scouting skills planted a seed that Andy would return back to in his early adult years and by the time Andy was in his late teens/early twenties had started to develop a strong interest in bushcraft and wilderness living skills.

Fascinated by the endless number of tributaries connected to the subject of bushcraft, Andy began to formalise his interests in this area and increased his knowledge further through spending several years training with some of the leading bushcraft practitioners and instructors throughout the UK.

Despite now working in an office in the IT industry, Andy’s passion for the outdoors remains and has for the last 8 years been instructing bushcraft alongside working in IT – something that leaves his colleagues bemused at his ‘odd’ interests and skills. 

As well as having many years of experience in lowland woodlands throughout Southern England, Andy has also studied and practised bushcraft and survival skills in other regions of the UK including isolated and remote parts of Scotland and Wales and throughout England's National Parks.  Andy has also spent time in Sweden both during the Spring and Summer paddling canoes on the lakes of Värmland and also dog sledding on the frozen lakes and forests in Norrbotten, inside the Arctic circle, during the Winter months.  Here he learnt Scandinavian wilderness living techniques and crafts particular to these areas but still very transferable to the UK. 

Andy particularly enjoys the crafting side of bushcraft and can often be found carving, whittling, and weaving a new project…or failing that he will be found near the campfire cooking up a tasty meal.  Most of all through Andy enjoys nothing more than helping others acquire these amazing skills and develop a thirst for the subject too, be that students on courses or his own two young children.

Andy holds an NCFE Level 3 in Woodland Crafts, the Institute of Outdoor Learning Foundational Bushcraft Competency Certificate, First Aid at Work and Wilderness Advanced Emergency First Aid certificates and Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene certificate. 


Stan Pinnock

Stan has been interested in bushcraft since 1999 when it first inspired him to get out and spend more time in the woods as well as spending time in the Brecon Beacons and North Wales to learn new skills and practice existing ones. Stan first came to Natures Craft in 2010 with his son Owen on a family course.  He then became a frequent student with Natures Craft and joined as an assistant instructor in 2012.


Stan has a HND in Woodland Management and Arboriculture obtained at Bangor University. Stan has a strong interest in traditional woodland management practises such as coppicing and hedge laying as well as new methods of continuous cover forestry (CCF).


Stan has previously worked as a cabinet maker, making bespoke furniture for interior designers but now pursues woodworking as a hobby and enjoys turning wooden bowls and cups on his lathe, getting a great sense of satisfaction seeing them put to use rather than sat on coffee tables or mantelpieces.


Paul Noble

Paul is Andy's older brother and has been helping with Natures Craft since its beginnings in 2008.  Growing up in Hampshire with Parents with backgrounds in permaculture and farming, and also involved in Scouting, he spent a lot of his time in the countryside, farmland and woodlands around Hampshire building dens, lighting fires and camping. 

Through Andy, Paul was reintroduced  back to camping and then bushcraft and now assists with the camp duties and provides many of the excellent meals, including freshly baked bread, served on most of the courses. 

Paul also has a Son, Kieran, who joins Paul on some of the courses and is quickly learning, and often helping re-teach, wilderness living skills.


Mike Aston

Mike’s passion for the outdoors started at a very early age where he spent a lot of time in the local woodland where he grew up making shelters and hideaways from just the basic materials provided by nature. Back then it was just regarded as using ones imagination and having a bit of fun but now Mike sees this as having started to tap into the skills we would all have had several hundred years ago before modern life took over.

Later in life this enjoyment of the outdoors has taken Mike on many adventures including extended wilderness living in the remotest parts of Scotland, climbing in Wales and other parts of the UK, and tracking big game in Africa.

Mike spends as much time as he can studying and extending his own outdoor skills and above all else spending time teaching his children about the wonders of nature and the splendor of the world in which we live.


Guest Instructors:

Ben Willis

Ben Willis is an experienced greenwood craftsman and artist, specialising in bespoke furniture and larger outdoor installations. He learned his craft during an apprenticeship with Herefordshire-based greenwood legend, Mike Abbott.

Apart from making and selling furniture, Ben has collaborated on large public art projects in collaboration with Touch Wood Enterprises and Outdoor Culture. He is passionate about introducing new people of all ages to the joys of traditional woodcraft.




Karl Lee

Karl runs the flint knapping aspects on our primitive skills courses.  Karl is a qualified and experienced archaeologist who has devoted many years to the study of prehistoric stone tool technology and subsequently diversified into the experimental practice of most areas of primitive skills, such as wood, bone, antler and hide-working.

Karl was a bushcraft instructor for almost three years with well known British company, this enabled him to carry out what was essentially ‘experimental archaeology’ to test and evaluate the tools made by our earliest to later ancestors.




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