Welcome to Natures Craft  -  Located in the heart of North Wessex Downs AONB, near Savernake Forest in East Wiltshire, Natures Craft is a Bushcraft, Woodcraft and Wilderness Living training provider. 

Our courses offer a range of training and experiences in Bushcraft, Woodsmanship and Wilderness Living that cover fundamental skills for beginners through to more advanced techniques for the more experienced.

We teach from the wide breadth of knowledge that has been refined over time from our hunter-gatherer past to the woodsmen and indigenous tribes from around the globe today to create inspiring, hands on, practical courses that explore the natural environment around us.   By drawing from all these skills we offer the opportunity to gain a new perspective on nature whilst learning new and fascinating skills.

So whether it be the thrill of succeeding at fire by friction, the joys of foraging and cooking wild foods, the pleasure of carving and creating tools and utensils, or simply the sensations of peace you gain by just sitting and watching wild life, we are sure you will find a course that's right for you. 



Shelter Building with Natures Craft

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